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Calling in independent advice or help can sometimes be perceived as losing control and direction, however, the ability to understand that not everyone can be an expert in every industry, calling in a professional to provide this advice where there might be gaps in knowledge or experience is proven to be a beneficial and wise investment of your money. Providing consultancy to clients is all about closing a gap in your company’s expertise.

All businesses at some stage require external expertise to assist them expand or get better value for their money. Consultancy can quite simply be about gaining advice on the purchase of new hardware, software or systems. Creating a new network, what suppliers to use, what skills potential staff should have or simply if different IT companies are telling you different things and an unbiased, independent opinion is required.

PC World seems to be the only place people know. However there’s many independent businesses offering the same services. iTek IT Solutions Essex Limited has experience of dealing with both home and business clients and is committed to helping all clients make the best decisions under any circumstances.

Each client is listened to and treated individually, no two solutions are the same, so a full and clear understanding of clients requirements is priority.

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