Computer Networking Services

Computer networking servicesWired or Wireless Installation/Configuration

With increasing numbers of computers in households and businesses, a well configured network is essential if a number of computers need to communicate with each other. A correctly installed, secure and reliable network minimises potential loss of data or exposure to external threats such as viruses, trojans and other malware.

A correctly configured network allows you to share data between machines. You are able to share a single internet connection, email, share music, videos – in fact, anything that is stored on one machine, can be accessed by another if required. Businesses are increasingly relying on server based network setups, so security and reliablility are an issue.

You might have an existing network that is running slowly, you might want to upgrade your existing connections, you might want to turn the whole existing network wireless.

iTek IT Solutions Essex Limited will come to your home or place of work, advise, where necessary install and configure your new network configuration to your requirements.

Network installation and configuration services by iTek IT Solutions Essex Limited provide a professional and cost effective method of planning, designing and implementation of your network structure to ensure a secure, smooth and reliable network package.

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